What You Need To Know About Fire Ant Control In McKinney

mound for fire ants

Pest control in McKinney is what we do best – just ask around town! We have years of experience helping homeowners tackle infestations of pests of all sorts.

Today, we're looking at one of the most bothersome and unique pests we deal with, fire ants. Fire ants are a beautiful species of ant that are ruthlessly efficient hunters, workers, and protectors of their colonies. Their beauty fades once they've made their way onto our property, and they become nothing more than a dangerous nuisance.

If you want to know how to get rid of fire ants or just want to brush up on some fast facts about them so you know what to look for, read on.

How To Identify Fire Ants

Identifying fire ants is pretty simple. Most of us are familiar with how ants look, and fire ants only have one small difference where that's concerned. So, what do fire ants look like? Just like regular ants, only they are reddish-brown.

If you notice ants that are not black but have a reddish tint, you're likely dealing with fire ants. They also have large heads and small beady eyes, but even outdoors or at a glance, their coloration gives them away.

Many people report that in sunlight (particularly when backlit), these ants appear to "glow" or have a fierce red coloration, which is likely where their name comes from.

If distinguishing one type of ant from another seems like too much work or is not productive, then it's perfectly safe to use this rule of thumb: any ants in the home are a potential sign of an infestation and trouble to come. Call Oak Pest Control, and we'll do the identification duties for you.

The Dangers And Damage Fire Ants Can Create

Fire ants aren't just annoying to have around. While we may think of ants in a cartoonish manner occasionally, only showing up to march off with our food at a barbecue, fire ants pose a much greater threat.

Fire ants can bite and will show aggression toward anything they perceive as a threat. Ants also burrow and dig a lot to make their homes, which can cause structural damage.

If you see a fire ant hill in your yard, call the pros immediately and avoid the area if possible. These ants won't like you being near their home and will defend it accordingly. Their bites are no joke, either.

Why Home Remedies For Fire Ants Don't Work

Fire ants are nearly impossible to get rid of without professional intervention. Fire ants in McKinney and other parts of the country are great at modifying their environments to provide safety and shelter in which they can expand their numbers.

That's why DIY methods for fire ant infestations are largely ineffective. And can damage your lawn and landscaping.

That said, ant colonies are often too well-protected and hidden for the average homeowner to have any chance of eliminating them at their source. Killing or removing a few ants will do virtually nothing to hinder a colony.

Ant colonies also famously contain a queen that produces a huge number of larvae at a time, able to birth entire generations on their own. Ants also make chambers in their colonies where the queens remain under the protection of their fiercest fighters. If left alive and hidden, this queen can ensure the colony has a virtually limitless population.

How Can I Get Rid Of Fire Ants Permanently?

The best fire ant control for your McKinney home is, without a doubt, a professional solution. Fire ants are just like regular ants in that they're enormously successful hiders and colony producers. They can easily dig, burrow, and hide their way to safety.

Fire ants, however, are far more aggressive and capable than normal black ants in combat. These ants can and will even attack humans, producing a painful sting. Anything they perceive to be a threat is a prime target for the warriors in their colony.

Oak Pest Control is standing by and ready to help you fight against these bothersome and persistent pests. Fire ants are no joke and can seriously injure or harm a person or pet. We recommend practicing preventative measures such as good landscaping, but a full-blown infestation of fire ants will require a professional assessment and intervention.

Fire ants are a growing problem. The service technicians at Oak Pest Control have the tools and knowledge to treat fire ants effectively. Call us now!